Waste Transportation & Disposal Services in KSA.

Spar Tech’s qualified, trained workforce handle, transport, and dispose of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes safely and in specified locations. We have authorized transportation and disposal service providers of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. We use approved means of transport like good quality Super Suckers, Vacuum tankers, and other required equipment as per the client’s need and government regulations prescribed by Saudi New Waste Management Law 2021.

Millions of industrial plants, factories, mills, oil & gas refineries, and mining exist in the world and KSA. These industries also discharge useless material in the form of waste during their manufacturing process along with finished products. These wastes may be solid and liquid, like metals, paints, slag, radioactive, glass objects, plastics, fly ash, gypsum, etc. Some of these are toxic or hazardous wastes, and others are non-toxic or non-hazardous wastes that require safe transportation and disposal in the right way and lawfully.

A. Industrial Hazardous Waste

Industrial Hazardous Waste is the type of waste material that severely threatens the environment and human health if it is not managed, i.e. treated, transported, and disposed of properly. As per Saudi New Waste Management Law 2021, a substance or waste is classified as hazardous waste based on the provisions of the Law and Regulations, resulting from industrial or non-industrial activities that contain toxic materials, flammable or reactive materials, corrosive materials, solvents, degreasers, oils, or colored, pasty, sediment, or acids and alkalis, etc.

B. Non-hazardous Waste

Industrial Non-hazardous Waste, the opposite of hazardous waste, doesn’t pose a severe threat to human health or the environment. However, it can not be dumped into a trash repository or a sewer line as it can pose a risk to health and the environment. A non-hazardous waste may be solid material like garbage and semi-solids or liquids. Some examples of non-hazardous waste are metal, glass, plastic, paper, construction debris, scrap tires, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, etc. Some industrial non-hazardous waste includes fossil fuel combustion, natural gas waste, waste from mineral processing, crude oil, mining practices, etc.

Saudi New Guidelines for Safe Disposal of Waste Material

The Saudi Government incorporated a New Waste Management Law in September 2021 to regulate transport, segregation, storage, import, export, safe waste disposal, and all other related activities. According to this law, waste disposal service providers must adhere to the disposal methods set by the National Center for Waste Management (NCWM). For example, hazardous waste transporters must use transportation that conforms with NCWM standards, place warning labels, and prescribe documentation about the transported dangerous waste.

SPAR TECH’s Transportation and Disposal Services follow all recommended rules and guidelines of the Saudi Government, including skilled, trained workforce, means of transportation, engineering, and technical method for safely disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Safe Disposal of Waste in KSA: The safe storage or disposal or dismantling of any waste as per Saudi law is the use of engineering methods that prevents causing any pollution or negative impact on the environment like soil, air, water, and biological diversity. These safe disposal methods include engineered landfills, equipped incinerators, and other licensed technologies and facilities, which contain the necessary technical techniques to protect public health, safety, and the environment.

SPAR TECH’s Waste Transportation & Disposal Service Areas

We are the most reliable and law-abiding service provider for safe transportation and disposal of different types of waste, such as industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, etc. Let’s discuss each one below.

Means of Waste Disposal

We have different means of transportation and required equipment meeting the government regulatory recommendation and use them in providing our waste collection, loading, transportation, and disposal services to our clients in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. These are:

  • Super Sucker
  • Vacuum Tanker
  • Crane Truck
  • Compactor and Container
  • Skip/Hook Loader
  • Tipper
  • Flat Bed, etc.

Super Sucker

SPAR TECH management is committed to providing safe working conditions to all employees and workers of our clients. So, we follow all safe environmental procedures and practices recommended by government regulations and clients’ requirements in handling and safely disposing of industrial waste. Spar Tech uses a fleet of Heavy Super Suckers, including Wet and Dry, to fulfill the different demands of our clients in the market. Our super sucker vacuum pumps, collector bodies, and control panels are based on the latest engineering techniques for efficient and reliable performance in all conditions. In addition, these robust industrial super suckers are highly flexible and suited to all positions in meeting the demands of removing different materials.

Vacuum Tanker

We use vacuum tankers of different capacities to collect, transport, and dispose of industrial liquid waste, contaminated products, sewage, and other material from spills, etc. Our vacuum tankers are used for providing services to the followings:

  • Filling, transportation, and disposal of industrial oil or water waste.
  • Septic tank or cesspit waste disposal.
  • Collection and disposal of hazardous liquid.
  • Effluent removal of required wastes, etc.

Crane Truck

We use mobile crane trucks having different lift capacities for the economical and efficient lifting of light-capacity waste material. Because these trucks don’t require on-site assembly. Crane trucks have a flatbed truck body mounted with a crane. These provide the combined flexibility feature to pick up selected objects, load them onto the flatbed and move them without using separate cranes and trucks.

Garbage Compactor and Container

We use the latest model of best quality garbage compactors and containers in our loading, transportation, and disposal services for different types of waste material to reduce time and save the cost of clients. Our waste compactors press bulky waste using a hydraulic integrated press mechanism to increase the waste storage capacity by ten times or more.

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