Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning Machine Services

At SPAR TECH we provide a total solution for all of your industrial machine services including bolt torquing, bolt tensioning, and other requirements utilizing the latest technology to drive the highest standard of service in the market. Our specialist professionals also provide complete project management of all industrial bolting requirements from beginning to finish, including the design of tightening procedures. We also advise on preferred equipment to be utilized, on the job installation and bolt tightening, and post job reporting to clients across the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.

SPAR TECH’s industrial maintenance services with quality solutions based on latest technologies around machine and equipment bolting, including tensioning, torqueing, stress analysis, flange management are well known in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Our efficient and experienced staff provides bolt tensioning and bolt torquing services to different industries including the refining, oil & gas, petrochemical, heavy engineering industries, mining, fertilizers, and chemical industries with highest level of accuracy ensuring even load distribution across the joint.
Our professional team is well trained to handle any type of bolting jobs without compromising on quality and safety to provide a leak free joint on process system connections and also assure a leak free start-up.

SPAR TECH’s highly skilled industrial service technicians use their in-depth technical knowledge, expertise, and best industry practices to ensure accurate bolt loading is achieved. Our hydraulic torque equipment for tightening bolts is the safest and most advanced technology guided equipment used within the service industry. Let’s first know the difference between bolt torquing and tensioning.

Difference Between Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning

Bolt torquing and tensioning are two different methods to adjust the tension on a stud or bolt. Bolt Torquing is the process of a rotational force applied and used to tighten and loosen bolts. While bolt tensioning is a way to tighten a bolt's nut against the head of the bolt. This bolt tightening process by tensioning creates a drag on the bolt to increase its stability and prevent it from loosening during use or machine operation. Use of torque wrench for bolt tightening usually depends on the size of the bolt, but tensioners can be used with almost any bolt size for tightening.

SPAR TECH Industrial Bolt Torquing Services

Bolt torquing service is an important part of industrial maintenance. Industrial torquing is the act of tightening or loosening a bolt by turning it with a torque wrench. During the torquing process enough force or torque is used to tighten a bolt through turning the bolt by 1/2 inch (13mm) in either direction. But when loosening a bolt, use enough torque to turn the bolt by 1 inch (25mm) in either direction with the help of the correct wrench.
SPAR TECH’s team of trained and experienced technicians ensures safe and leak-free bolted connections including the followings:

  • Bolt cleaning and damaged bolts replacement.
  • Torque wrench of Inspection of flange face
  • Flange spreading
  • Nut splitter
  • Using different bolt tightening methods
  • Joint integrity
  • Using correct tension tool
  • Proper alignment of bolts/flange/gasket

SPAR TECH Industrial Bolt Tensioning Services

Bolt tensioning is the industrial maintenance process of adjusting the tension on a nut or bolt by applying a hydraulic press force. Tensioning is a mechanism to adjust accurately the strength of the connection between the parts being joined. The bolt tensioning process can tighten or loosen connections as it is often required in many industries for operation of machines. Hydraulic bolt tensioners are an indispensable part of modern machinery’s equipment, as they help in accurate and repeatable adjustment of bolt tension.

We at SPAR TECH provide special bolt tensioning solutions when required to prevent leakage from bolted joints. Our experienced technicians use the most secure bolt tensioning methods as per the plant’s needs across Saudi Arabia. Spar Tech facilitates both technical support for bolting on site and bolting technology education and training to clients’ staff including:

  • Pneumatic fastening
  • Electric fastening
  • Manual fastening
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning
  • Hydraulic fastening

Purpose of Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning

The objective of both, Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning, is the same to create a clamping force that holds parts together. The purpose of both methods is to stretch and put load on a bolt or stud for achieving accurate required load to prevent leaks. Bolt Torquing method generates load by turning a nut on a helical thread that is the more common but less accurate for achieving bolt load. While bolt torquing is preferable to tensioning in some scenarios like:

  • Working with short grip length,
  • To thin flanges which might bend under heavy loads, or
  • To short bolt length on top of the nut where studs cannot be changed due to blind holes.

Bolt Tensioning method eliminates the disadvantages of torquing by applying load on bolt or stud in different ways. Tensioning is a hands free bolting method in which the load applied directly to the stud can be measured. So it substantially increases bolt load accuracy than torquing method of bolting. SPAR TECH’s Bolt Tensioning method is highly recommended for critical flanges which require bolt-load accuracy and zero-leak outcomes. Thus our bolt tensioning is the faster, more accurate, and safer method for achieving optimal load.

SPAR TECH’s Hydraulic Bolt Torquing and Tensioning Services

Hydraulic bolt torquing is a mechanical fastening method used to provide a torque force for loosening or tightening the machine’s bolts in an industrial plant. It works by using hydraulic liquids to provide high amounts of torque to loosen and tighten bolts during plant maintenance, industry turnarounds, partial unit shutdowns, or equipment outages.

Spar Tech’s Hydraulic Bolt Torquing services can help to prevent leaks on flanges, exchangers, vessels, or on any application where tightness of bolts is critical to prevent leaks. It is often used in the oil and gas, mining, and shipbuilding industries.

While hydraulic bolt tensioning is a quick and easy method for tightening large diameter bolts to high and accurate pre-loads. Opposite conventional methods hydraulic tensioning does not use either torque or require any forceful turning of the nut or bolt, such as impact wrenches, flogging spanners or hydraulic torque wrenches.

SPAR TECH’s Expertise in Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning

Bolt Torquing helps achieve a 'leak free' start up of any industrial plant. Spar Tech’s professional technicians use specially designed equipment, proven bolt loading calculations and written procedures during torquing service to tighten joints to the desired tolerances in a controlled and safe manner.

We also offer a quality Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning service, the most familiar technique for the prevention of leaks in bolted assemblies by using the latest engineering techniques. Our hydraulic tensioning methods meet all range of sizes and specifications with the help of using the right tool and the innovative right application. Thus we help our bolting clients match their needs with the right equipment and latest methods.

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