Vision and Mission

"Leading the Way in Industrial Maintenance Services and Specialized Solutions in Saudi Arabia”

Spar Tech Industrial Maintenance Services Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified major services company in Saudi Arabia established to provide quality services in the fields of Plant and Industrial Maintenance Services and Specialized Chemical & Mechanical Maintenance Services, Oil Flushing, Hydro Jetting, Transportation & Disposal Services, etc.

Spar Tech’s strength lies in the powerful synergy of our qualified, experienced people, solutions, dedicated equipment, and commitment to quality and being the best in the market. For example, our strengths in industrial maintenance services in Saudi Arabia made us provide the best solutions to our diversified client’s needs and earned them an appreciation for our high-quality industrial maintenance solutions.

SPAR TECH as a unit of Arabian Spar has occupied an esteemed position for its Industrial Maintenance Services with the highest possible quality control and safety solution delivery to its clients, partners, and other parties across the industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, and others.

Innovative Vision

At Spar Tech, we're passionate about providing innovative solutions for industrial maintenance excellence. We aim to be the single and trusted source service provider for Industrial Maintenance and quality Service solutions, contributing to our client's growth and development.

We achieve this through our commitment to operational excellence, investment in research and development, and partnerships with our clients. We never compromise on the quality of our services, ensuring a safe workplace, respect for the environment, and adherence to the highest standards of integrity.

Our core objective is to provide quality, efficient, effective, and competitive Industrial Maintenance Services to various industries in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries. At SPAR TECH, we believe in driving innovation in plant cleaning and maintenance services, and our R&D team is constantly exploring new ideas and engineering innovative technology solutions and services.

Uncompromising Mission

Spar Tech is dedicated to providing reliable and competitive industrial maintenance services that cater to our client's needs and interests. Our services include tank cleaning, high-pressure hydro jetting, heat exchanger maintenance, and more. In addition, our skilled and experienced team is committed to making our clients' work easier, safer, and more efficient through specialized services such as bolt torquing, column and vessel maintenance, and high-pressure water jetting solutions.

With operations in different regions of Saudi Arabia, we strive to expand our services to other areas and become the industries' first choice for specialized industrial solutions. We aim to deliver quality services that exceed our client's expectations, including chemical cleaning and oil flushing. At Spar Tech, we are passionate about providing innovative solutions that contribute to the growth and development of our client's businesses, making us the market's most reliable and appreciated industrial maintenance service provider.