Industrial Mechanical Cleaning Services

SPARTECH is one of the most trusted and reliable companies for industrial mechanical cleaning services of plants’ equipment and machines. SPARTECH has invested in the latest advanced technology available to clean any type of industrial equipment, under any conditions safely, effectively, and efficiently. Most of our mechanical cleaning equipment is automated and semi-automated to ensure safe operation and a perfect cleaning result.

Why SPARTECH’s Mechanical Cleaning Services for Industrial Equipmen

All industries produce heavy sediments and residues during their operation for production. Different types of residue like dust, sludge, grease, and more wastes can hamper the production equipment and machinery from working smoothly. These equipment can further pose a risk to industries and their employees. In case of no cleaning services, there are heavy losses due to the breakdown in the entire manufacturing process of the industrial plant.

However, SPARTECH is providing Automated industrial mechanical cleaning services in KSA and the Middle East for all kinds of industries. We have innovative mechanisms to provide 100% hands-free solutions that ensure risk free and lesser duration of cleaning.

SPARTECH’s Automated industrial cleaning services are the efficient, safest and most seamless methods to ensure the safety of the plant as well as the employees who operate the plant amidst different kinds of equipment.

SPARTECH’s Approach to Industrial Mechanical Cleaning

SPARTECH provides a technically advanced and cost-effective solution through mechanical cleaning to dissolve and break down the sediments and contaminants inside the industrial boilers, piping, tanks, cooling water systems, reactors, and other plants’ equipment. SPARTECH’s R&D team have designed automated industrial equipment mechanical cleaning technologies like hydro-blasting cleaning solution and robot cleaning to chemical cleaning services. Our Industrial mechanical cleaning technology consists of the following equipmet:

1. Dry Ice Blasting Machine

SPARTECH’s dry ice blasting machine mexes frozen carbon dioxide and pressurized air to loosen sediment materials, debris and blow them away from the surface. The Dry Ice Blasting Machine works in the following ways:
  • The ice blasting machine’s air compressor shoots frozen CO2 pellets toward the equipment to be cleaned through a hose and nozzle.
  • The frozen CO2 pellets’ low temperature causes unwanted surface material to freeze and crack because of thermal shock.
  • This collision dislodges unwanted material from the equipment.
  • The CO2 pellets vaporise upon contact, thus loosening even more debris from the plant’s system.
  • And finally compressed air blows remaining residue away from the industrial equipment’s surface.
Our dry ice blasting machine for mechanical cleaning service is a safer, faster, and more environment friendly method to clean plants’ equipment and their surfaces than abrasive methods. The CO2 pellets minimize clean-up time and prevent hazardous materials from polluting ecosystems. Moreover, it is the most successful method to remove unwanted debris without damaging the equipment’s surface.

2. High Pressure Water-jetting Machine up to 40.000 PSI

The high pressure water-jetting machines up to 40,000 PSI are used for coating removal like paint stripping in plant’s equipment, shipyards, offshore oil rigs, weld inspection and different plant maintenance functions such as removal of coatings on floors and blasting of paint from machines, heat exchanger cleaning, industrial columns, vessels and tanks.

3. Soda Blasting Cleaning Machine

SPARTECH’s soda blasting method is the most preferred alternative to sandblasting for many industrial cleaning projects, particularly where sandblasting can harm delicate surfaces of industrial equipment. The core objective of the soda blasting method of industrial mechanical cleaning is to remove impurities from steelwork and plant’s equipment and prepare it for a protective coating. The soda blasting cleaning of equipment’s surfaces without the use of water gives an environment friendly solution that reduces waste and has no direct harm to the surrounding areas.

4. ID Grit Blasting Machine

The technology used in ID grit blasting is safe and has a high-quality cleaning finish of the industrial equipment including heat exchanger. As per demand on the equipment’s surface coating can be applied to avoid further erosion and fouling of the tubes. The ID grit blasting technology helps to improve heat flow of the heat exchanger over an extended operational window.

SPARTECH’s Mechanical Cleaning to Industries & Systems

SPARTECH provides the trusted, complete industrial plant mechanical cleaning services for highest productivity and safety. We at SparTech use state-of-the-art latest technology and equipment, both automatic and semi-automatic to deliver customized solutions for clients’ needs. SPARTECH is the most trusted name amongst clients of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries across the sectors for providing high-quality mechanical cleaning solutions for industrial plants in various fields like:

  • Refineries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy Industry
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Commercial Printing
  • Electronics and Semiconductors
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Mass Transportation

Industrial System & Equipment Mechanical Cleaning Services

SPARTECH uses a technically advanced and cost-effective mechanical cleaning solution to dissolve and break down the contaminants rapidly and efficiently inside the boilers, piping, cooling water systems, tanks, and reactors. The technology team of SPARTECH has designed automated industrial mechanical cleaning technologies like robot cleaning, hydro-blasting cleaning,and chemical cleaning. We provide quality mechanical cleaning service to different industrial systems and equipment like:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Paint line systems
  • Refineries’ equipment
  • Building surfaces and coatings removal
  • Electric motor and generator components
  • Conveyors and process machinery
  • Precipitators
  • Printing presses
  • Piping and tanks
  • Condensers
  • Vessels
  • Columns
  • Tanks
  • Re-heaters
  • After coolers
  • Flare tips
  • Burn pits
  • Boilers
  • Cooling towers, and
  • Other miscellaneous plant facilities
Whatever mechanical cleaning services you need for your industrial plant and its facilities call on SPARTECH for assistance. We are available for scheduled maintenance and cleaning of your plant and equipment even emergency service needs. We will handle every step of the industrial cleaning process ranging from project review and assessment to comprehensive cleaning plan development. For more required information or to request our service, get in touch with us today by filling out our online contact form.

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