Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Services

SPAR TECH ’s trained, experienced professionals analyze and evaluate each storage tank to ensure the most appropriate methodology and equipment required in tank cleaning and maintenance to complete your project in the safest, most efficient, and minimum time possible. The interior part of each used tank constitutes an extremely offensive material that poses many health, safety, and environmental hazards. Our qualified, experienced workforce can successfully clean even the most difficult tanks to reduce or eliminate the inherent risk available inside. Spar Tech has developed and utilized the latest technology-based tank cleaning techniques to minimize personnel exposure and reduce or eliminate manned entry into the tank. Our quality tank cleaning and maintenance service includes the following:

  • Every type of tank cleaning with technology-based as per tank conditions.
  • Robotic automated technology
  • Liquid or dry vacuum services
  • Hydro jetting/ hydro blasting
  • Pipeline pressure Jetting
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous tank waste transportation & disposal
  • Sludge dewatering, separations, etc.
  • Tank cleaning during decommissioning and industrial renovations.

Types of Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Services

1. Polycon and polyethylene tank cleaning/maintenance
2. Septic and sewage tank cleaning/ maintenance
3. Fiber and GRP tank cleaning
5. Reinforced concrete tank maintenance
5. Fuel and diesel tank cleaning
6. Fire tank cleaning
7. Chiller tank cleaning

SPAR TECH Steam-based Tank Cleaning Method

Our technical team has developed a unique steam-based tank cleaning method compliant with the highest international safety standards. Spar Tech’s unique technology-based solution ensures safe tank cleaning and hydrocarbon recovery, most suited to any client’s needs and requirements. In addition, our qualified, trained technical staff has extensive professional experience in executing tank cleaning projects of different complexity across different weather conditions in KSA and other Middle East countries. As a result, we provide very competitive, cost-effective tank cleaning and maintenance services using the most advanced technical cleaning method.

We ensure our clients that their tanks will be taken out of use for a minimum period during the service process. Our cleaning methods for storage tanks meet the latest compliance with safety, health, and environmental standards set by international regulatory bodies. Using the latest technology, we have cleaned all types of floating roof storage tanks of different styles and sizes. We also have experience in damaged tank cleaning and maintenance.

SPAR TECH Tank Maintenance Services

Spar Tech’s in-house resources are full of all the latest technology-based equipment available in the market to maintain, repair, and restore tanks of all types, including fuel storage tanks, fire tanks, polycon tanks, etc. In addition, each tank design shape needs its procedure to ensure the safest and most efficient process to clean, repair and return to quality service within the minimum downtime.

We have the capabilities of tank maintenance extends from single to double deck floating and fixed roof tanks; the tank maintenance service we perform includes the following:

  • Repair and replacement tank shell
  • Repair and replacement of the bottom
  • Repair and replacement of cone roof
  • Repair and replacement of an internal floating roof
  • Grit coating and blasting

We use innovative technology and equipment for scaffolding erection in minimum time and a three-phase pump separator for water, oil, and solids to recover oil back to the client’s tank.

SPAR TECH Automatic Tank Cleaning Technology

Spar Tech Automatic Tank Cleaning (ATC) solution is designed on an advanced automatic, fully enclosed, and physical cleaning latest technology. It helps in cleaning the tank by jet nozzles to spray the cleaning medium at a certain pressure, temperature, and flow rate. It removes the sludge and coagulum on the surface and recovers the effective substances to achieve the conditions of in-tank repair and hot work. Our technology-based cleaning process has the advantages of high safety, low cost, good cleaning effect of recovering more than 98% of hydrocarbons in sediments, high efficiency, environment friendly, etc.

Our ATC solution is suitable for cleaning different types of tanks with storage fluids of crude oil and refined oil like gasoline, diesel oil, aviation kerosene, lubricating oil, etc., and chemical liquefied products, with storage tank volumes of different capacities ranging from 100 cubic meters to 150,000 cubic meters.

SPAR TECH Tank Cleaning Devices

Spar Tech Tank Cleaning Devices help tend the complete and perfect solution for cleaning tanks in situ and during the production period with the help of high-pressure hydro jets. We use complete systems, both automatic and semi-automatic tank cleaning devices, for quality services. SPAR TECH entire device system for cost-effective and environment-friendly tank cleaning and maintenance services are:

1. SPAR TECH Perfect Positioning Device

Our Positioning Device for tank cleaning consists of a service hood with a drive engine for the positioning arm. The arm is mounted with a suitable 3D Tank Cleaning Head. The component is positioned perfectly in the tank as required during high-pressure water jets of the 3D tank cleaning head to ensure a perfect PLC-controlled cleaning from the control room desk

2. In Situ and Transportable Cleaning Device

Our Tank Cleaning Devices are available for complete processes, including automatic and semi-automatic. Our fully automatic tank cleaning positioning devices are a wide range of manual and easy-to-transport for tank cleaning applications like Simple Boom, Hose Boom, and Teleboom.

3. PLC Controlled Tank Cleaning

The entire process of tank cleaning is controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLC) that can be started from the control room. Our clean tank technology PLC system is designed for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications where a combination of performance, durability, easy use, and cost-effectiveness is needed.

4. SPAR TECH Tank Cleaning Heads

SPAR TECH -trained professionals use tank cleaning heads during the automatic cleaning process to remove deposits and scale, including hardened materials from internal tank walls applying a maximum working pressure of 1800 bar. For this process, our experts use a wide range of Hammelmann nozzle holder arms to achieve the cleaning standard required at the specified performance parameters.

Benefits of Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Services

The key benefits of SPAR TECH ’s tank cleaning and maintenance services are the followings:

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