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Flange Integrity Maintenance & Management

SPAR TECH’s certified and trained technicians provide a total solution to your industrial flange integrity maintenance and management services including flange facing, flange torqueing & tensioning, flange alignment, flange spreading, flange sealing, and other requirements utilizing the latest technology to drive the highest standard in full compliance with industry and regulatory agencies.

Our specialist field technicians first visit the plant site to inspect the asset’s flange integrity and any defects before starting their maintenance or replacement. They offer a quality flange integrity inspection and maintenance services in the Middle East countries and ensure your plant’s machines operate safely leakfree for highest production.

Why Flange Integrity Maintenance & Management Service

Flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, fittings, and other assets including strainers and pressure vessels for integrity and safe operation of the system. System’s flanges are joined by bolting and sealing with the use of gaskets or other methods. During the intense conditions when process facility equipment often experiences, the system’s flanges are subject to various defects like scratching, corrosion, gouging, pitting, and denting. These types of defects can lead to flange leaks that cause costly resources and slow plant’s production.

Sometimes, severe leaks and defects in flanges can even lead to an unplanned shutdown of machine operation. And in case of refinery processes, flange leaks are not only wasteful, but can lead to disaster for both machinery and the employess working there. So each plant’s flange integrity must be inspected for quality maintenance and management services at regular intervals as per regulatory agency’s set norms.

SPAR TECH Flange Integrity Inspection Services

SPAR TECH provides non-destructive testing inspection (NDTI) services that comply with industry standards to ensure the flanges are fault free and couldn’t lead to leaks and other defects in your system. Our flange inspection technicians are trained and experienced to detect and identify flange damages efficiently and accurately including repairing defects and servicing damage once leaks are detected.

SPAR TECH’s non-destructive inspection techniques are applicable to flanges of any material such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastic, etc. Our professional field technicians help to detect and prevent flange leakage which are caused by:

  • Irregular Flange Facing
  • Improper Bolt Stress
  • Uneven Flange Alignment
  • Unequal Gasket Size or Material
  • Irregular Gasket Centering
  • Damaged or Dirty Flanged Faces
  • High Thermal Shock
  • High Levels of Vibration

SPAR TECH has developed a range of non-destructive testing techniques for flange inspection to detect defects in the parts of the system. Our technicians use ultrasonic and phased array technology to identify corrosion damage and exact depth size of corrosion across the flange face for repairing and replacement. Our flange inspection and maintenance technology is capable of identifying both flanges with existing defects and other flanges at-risk before they cause further problems. Thus our flange inspection and maintenance services help to improve system health and optimize production level.

SPAR TECH’s Ultrasonic Flange Inspection Procedure

Our certified technicians are trained in using ultrasonic procedures for inspecting flange faces to detect corrosion damage on-stream and in-situ. Spar Tech’s hydrofluoric flange face inspection technique is a cost-effective and reliable inspection tool in the prevention of flanged joint failure due to damage of the sealing surface. This flange inspection technique determines corrosion presence, loss of maximum material in terms of depth and existing corrosion progress across the flange raised face (sealing surface). It also detects flanges at-risk and eliminates their safety issues related to open flange conditions. Our highly trained team of technicians record, analyse, and present plant’s flange inspection data in its report after completing inspection. This data helps them in selecting the required solutions for client’s flange integrity maintenance and management services.

Benefits of SPAR TECH’s Flange Face Inspection Approach

The benefits of our specific flange face inspection approach are:

  • It provides a non-intrusive flange inspection process.
  • It can be carried out on-stream and in-situ.
  • It is helpful in eliminating unscheduled downtime.
  • It also detects at-risk flanges.
  • It eliminates the requirement to disassemble flanges for inspection.
  • It removes safety issues of open flange condition.

SPAR TECH Flange Integrity Maintenance Services

Flanges of any system play a very crucial role in major industries like power, pipelines, oil & gas, petrochemicals, etc. So flange integrity maintenance services at regular intervals are performed to avoid leakages and mitigate losses. To ensure very minimum flange downtime and production losses SPAR TECH’s innovative latest flange maintenance tools or equipment provide fast, safe, and cost effective quality maintenance services for flanges of all sizes and materials, including:
  • Flange Facing
  • Flange Torqueing & Tensioning
  • Flange Alignment
  • Flange Spreading
  • Flange Pulling
  • Flange Sealing
  • Flange Mapping

SPAR TECH Flange Integrity Management Services

Flange Integrity Management serve of SPAR TECH is an engineered recognized technique for leak prevention in bolted flange assemblies. We provide assurance to our clients for proper assembly and tightening of bolted joints of flanges used in the system during turnaround and maintenance. We provide experienced inspectors, planners, and trained technicians to execute flange management services by applying the latest bolt load calculation software, flange management software, and other equipment to ensure our clients in the Middle East for the quality solution.

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