Heat Exchanger and Fin Fan Services

Every heat exchanger and fin fan requires maintenance service at regular intervals to keep it running efficiently. Because fouling, corrosion, or other damages in the heat exchanger will reduce its performance and cooling effect. And heat exchanger regular servicing also helps to prevent emergency repairs which would cause downtime. This is the reason why the heat exchangers that get servicing last longer than others. SPAR TECH ’s experienced professionals are trained in providing heat exchanger and fin fan maintenance services with strict safety rules and as per international regulatory guidance.

Spar Tech’s expert team has the expertise to provide quality heat exchanger maintenance services to different types of fin fan heat exchangers classified according to construction, transfer processes, degrees of surface compactness, flow arrangements, pass arrangements, phase of the process fluids and heat transfer mechanisms, etc.

Use and Application of Industrial Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanger or Fin Fan is used to cool different processes in refining, petrochemical, chemical processing, and other industries. In this industrial cooling process, a series of fin fan coolers and fans are used to move low-temperature atmospheric ambient air over multiple rows of finned tubes to cool internal process fluids.
Industrial heat exchangers and fin fans are applied in various industrial applications:

  • Chemical processing plant,
  • Power plant generation,
  • Petroleum industry,
  • Oil and gas industry,
  • Transportation industry,
  • Alternate fuels industry,
  • Cryogenic engines or systems,
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration,
  • Heat recovery and other industries.

Heat exchangers should be cleaned and maintained every six months to one or two years, depending on the type, size, and use. Keeping industrial heat exchangers and fin fans free of buildup from chemical deposits, sediment, hard water deposits, and solids through thorough and proper maintenance services improves operational efficiency and extends the exchanger lifecycle.

Why Heat Exchanger Maintenance Service

Fouling and corrosion are the major problems in heat exchanger operation. The fouling deposition problems and their impact on industrial operation, production, and the economy are a serious concern. Additionally, the effects of corrosion on the efficient, reliable, and safe operation of equipment or heat exchangers, or fin fans are often more serious than the simple loss of a mass of metal. So concerned authorities of every industry must take heat exchanger services seriously for possible mitigation of required problems at the right time.

Proper maintenance services play an important role in reducing production costs for any industry. Production cost increases significantly due to irregular maintenance work of industrial heat exchangers. SPAR TECH heat exchangers service related experts analyse the importance of corrosion control and fouling cleaning and enforce a specific standard of fin fans maintenance procedure as per industry nature.

Heat Exchanger Preventive Maintenance Checklist

To avoid fouling, corrosion, underperformance, and long-term damage to a heat exchanger and fin fans, our field experts work on different basic preventive maintenance checklists given below:

  • External and internal physical checks to identify leaks under insulation and at connection points.
  • Signs of fouling or corrosion check.
  • Check whether the frame is tightened or not.
  • Pressure drop check.
  • Check blowdown pressure drop.
  • Pressure gauges accuracy check.
  • Thermometers inspection.
  • Inlet and outlet temperatures check.
  • Tubes check to note any damage for replacement.
  • Check the heat transfer area for cleaning.
  • Check relief valves.
  • Check any spilled chemicals to clean up.
  • Check any debris presence to remove by sweeping up.
  • Record results and data from the heat exchanger maintenance test.

SPAR TECH Heat Exchanger Maintenance Services

SPAR TECH Heat Exchanger Maintenance Services are performed by experienced, trained professionals in compliance with strict national safety rules and regulations. Our industrial heat exchanger and fin fans service methods include the followings:

  • Mechanical work: e.g., blinding & de-blinding, opening & closing of heat exchangers.
  • Pulling and inserting tube bundles through hydraulic-powered bundle pullers.
  • Internal and external hydro jetting tubes.
  • Acid cleaning.
  • Sandblasting.
  • High-pressure water jetting.
  • Bullet cleaning.
  • Tubes are plugged and unplugged by Power Lance or Air Powered Lance.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Tube removal.
  • Re-tubing.
  • Heat exchanger covers removal and insulation.
  • Complete tube flushing and cleaning.
  • Coating inspections for high-performance coating application.
  • Replacement of heat exchanger.
  • Re-assembly and installation of a heat exchanger.

Spar Tech Heat Exchanger Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance services for any heat exchanger are an important way to ensure industrial customers that they will get the most out of their assets. Because it can be hard for in-house technicians to juggle all the moving parts of a heat exchanger maintenance program without a great checklist and preventive maintenance software. We have extensive checklists and the latest preventive maintenance software and the experts to operate it.

With SPAR TECH ’s preventive maintenance software tools, industrial heat exchanger service technicians gain the ability to connect their team seamlessly from the office and the field. Not only will our PM software help automate clients’ checklists and keep technicians in the loop, but we will also provide more information to our customers and build stronger relationships with them for future service.

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