Environmental Policy (Go Green)

Spar Tech Industrial Maintenance Services Ltd company commits to protecting the environment during its services at all workplaces as the highest priority in developing a corporate strategy. We have guided all our employees to follow the various provisions for the protection and safety of the environment, for example:

  • To fulfill our compliance obligations and take care of all applicable legal requirements related to the environment.
  • To promote environmental protection and prevention of pollution within the SparTech industrial operational activities.
  • To reduce and eliminate the environmental impacts associated with company‚Äôs activities and services.
  • To upgrade environmental performance by reducing all types of waste generation and disposing them in a safe manner.
  • We create environment awareness education among our employees through training to maximize their environmental skill and convey them the implication of violating environmental policy.
  • We always respond to the environmental concerns of all stakeholders including neighbors, local people and law enforcing authorities.
  • The top management of SparTech supports this environmental policy and ensures that it is implemented at all levels.
  • We also review this Environmental Policy at regular intervals.