Hydro Jetting/ Hydro Blasting Services

Hydro jetting, also known as hydro blasting, is one of the most required industrial maintenance services widely used as a method or process to remove coating materials, grease, scales, clogs, chemical contamination, oil, dirt, etc. buildup on surfaces as well as pipe blockages and cutting to remove the concrete blockage using high-velocity water pressure through a specific jet nozzle and lances as per need. SPAR TECH ’s trained professionals, according to government regulatory recommended standards, perform high-pressure water jetting services with various capacities in the cleaning of plumbing and stationary equipment like:

  • Towers
  • Pipelines
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Columns Vessels
  • Towers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Tube Bundles
  • Condensers
  • Surface Preparation
  • Hydro Demolition
  • Fin Fans, etc.

Why UHP Hydro Jetting & Hydro Blasting Over High-Heat Cleaning

UHP stands for Ultra High-Pressure hydro or water jetting process. SPAR TECH ’s UHP hydro streaming services in KSA are the most powerful and efficient latest technology-based mechanism to remove redundant products in large tanks and pipelines. Our trained technical executives also provide hydro blasting services to eliminate concrete with high water pressure. Thus we remove the unwanted concrete by cutting through the matrix and leaving behind the original reinforced position.

SPAR TECH ’s UHP hydro jetting technique is excellent for conducting high-pressure cleaning with minimum water usage and without structural damage. In the UHP water jets process, there is no need for high heat as traditional cleaning methods need. Thus, hydro jets are the best choice and a perfect replacement for adopting high-heat cleaning methods. Our UHP water jetting is most often preferred over adopting high-pressure water jetting service. At the same time, any other traditional method of cleaning can clean the surface and remove the coatings.

SPAR TECH ’s Hydro-Cutting Services

Our technical experts provide hydro-cutting services across Saudi Arabia. We don’t use any heating mechanism during our cutting process without altering structures’ material properties, i.e., temperature resistance and color. For this, we use hydro cutter jets that spray water having pressures between 30 000 and 90 000 PSI depending on the strength of the structure’s material to be cut.

We also add a quality abrasive to the high-pressure hydro-cutting process to offer a hydro-abrasive cutting service per situation and structure material for an effective and environment-friendly method of cutting steel without heat.

We use modern hydro-cutting machines based on the latest technology, which are fully automated and work on computer numerically controlled (CNC) software mechanisms. This mechanism determines and controls the route of the water stream. This is the reason why a wide range of clients from all industrial sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, food processing, lumber, construction, electronics, etc., use Spar Tech’s hydro-cutting process.

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting Services

High-pressure water jetting, i.e., hydro jetting or sometimes also called high-pressure pipe cleaning, is a scientifically powerful cleaning mechanism technically designed to remove severe or stubborn blockages occurring in sewers, drains, and other pipe systems used in different industries. In this process, a high-pressurized water stream is blasted through the pipe’s blockage to clear all residues or solids for cleaning the pipes. For high-pressure hydro jetting, specialized equipment, as per the need of a specific solution, is used mainly as a nozzle, a heavy-duty hose, a water tank, a pump, and a motor.

SPAR TECH uses the latest innovative technology and best-designed customized process in high-pressure hydro jetting cleaning services to fulfill specific industrial requirements and solve their most challenging problems. We provide inclusive solutions for all types of problems through a wide range of hydro jetting services with the latest engineering-based advanced machines generating a high-pressure water jet ranging from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI for an error-free solution. Our high-pressure hydro jetting services apply to:

  • Pipe & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Vessels & Columns
  • Furnaces & Drums
  • Reactors
  • Storage Tanks
  • Process Pipelines

Water Jet Cleaning Services

Each industry produces hazardous and other waste substances in quantities that need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy working environment. SPAR TECH provides The different natures of waste products like liquids, dust, and solids that require different types of vacuumings by various capacities of vacuum cleaners. For example:

  • Cleaning of heat exchanger tubes
  • Cleaning of vessels, columns, and tanks
  • Cleaning of bundles
  • Cleaning of blocked lines
  • Cleaning of specialized life support system
  • Cleaning of pipes and floor

Our Latest Hydro Jetting Accessories

We use the latest specialized technology based on a wide range of hydro jetting accessories in our high-quality, reliable, and problem-oriented services. These include:

  • Water Blasting Guns
  • Spine Jet Guns
  • Flex Lancing
  • Sand Blasting Nozzles
  • Rigid Lancing
  • Sewer Cleaning Nozzles
  • External Bundle Blaster
  • Tube Cleaning Nozzles
  • Pipeline Cleaning System
  • Humidification & Fogging Nozzles
  • Process Pumps
  • Multi-tube Lancing
  • Semi-automated Tube Lancer is effective for I.D. Heat Exchanger tube cleaning
  • and many more.

Our Automated Hydro Jetting Services

Our experienced professionals are highly trained in using Automated Hydro Jetting Machines to provide perfect inside and outside bundle cleaning, including choked bundles. We provide 100% safe, reliable, and eco-friendly automated hydro jetting services for different applications. Our automatic water jetting processes enhance faster and cleaner operation by 30% over conventional cleaning methods. We execute our automated hydro jetting by using different equipment like:

  • 3 LTC - Multi Lance Tube Cleaner
  • OBC - Outside Bundle cleaner
  • IBC5 - Inside Bundle Cleaner 5 Lances
  • RPCD - Rotary pipe cleaning device system

SPAR TECH ’s Automated Pipeline Services

Our company specializes in providing reliable quality solutions for cleaning and serving pipelines all over Saudi Arabia. Our problem-oriented designed solution module is a unique system for removing any hard scales from pipes of different diameters ranging from 4 inches to 64 inches by using a rotary hose method. This technology-based special cleaning process is controlled by a remote without the interference of manpower
The advantages of technology used in this service are:

  • Pipeline service is controlled by remote devices only.
  • It uses rotated hose technology.
  • It is capable of cleaning pipes with 90-degree elbows.
  • It can remove the hard scales.
  • It is very safe, and
  • It works with very fast cleaning technology.

SPAR TECH ’s Specialist Hydro Jetting Team

Our specialized skilled hydro jetting team is technically trained to carry out any type of water jetting and hydro blasting services irrespective of inert or toxic conditions of accumulated contaminants in the structure to cleaned like scales, clogs, grease, chemicals, oil, marine growth, or other types of hazardous gases, etc. They perform their services by using advanced breathing air systems designed for the unique cleaning requirements of any specific industry.

SPAR TECH ’s experienced professional team is expert in analyzing the problems and strategic planning and handling quickly and safely any nature and size of hydro jetting requirements for different industrial systems such as marine growth removal, heat exchanger bundles, columns, vessels, pipelines, surface preparation, etc.

Use & Application of High-Pressure Hydro Jetting Services

  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Sewerage Industries
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation
  • Oilfield & Pipeyards
  • Marine & Shipyard Industries
  • Concrete Hydrodemolition & Construction
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Steel & Aluminum Plants
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Paint & Coatings Industries
  • Refinery Industries
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Paper & Board Mills
  • Sugar Mills/Industries

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