Training of Workers and Employees

SPAR TECH is Saudi’s first and GCC countries’ most comprehensive competence and training center for industries maintenance expertise and water jetting professionals. The primary essential feature of our training programs is their excellent practical orientation. Our qualified and experienced trainers offer theoretical and practical professional training programs in different Industrial Maintenance Services, including chemical solution, oil flushing, hydro jetting, industrial vacuuming, tank maintenance, pipeline services, bolt torquing, etc.

The training and instruction programs of Spar Tech are provided at our premises as well as at our customers’ sites. In addition, SPAR TECH offers extra safety and instruction training courses for industrial cleaning and maintenance services across diversified industries. Our training programs help make our workers more qualified and trained practically to serve our customers with the latest knowledge and technology.

Health & Safety of Employees

The Health and Safety of SPAR TECH’s workers at the site and customers’ employees are our top priority. Therefore our policies for working conditions and the development of solutions, irrespective of dangerous locations in providing industrial maintenance services, aim to protect workers’ health and safety with ZERO accidents. Furthermore, we follow the rules and regulations with legal and social standards during working hours to keep the health and safety of employees on top of the company’s policy. SPAR TECH is not only one of the best industrial maintenance service providers across varied nature of industries but also keeps the Health and Safety Policy as per international standards on top priority. Our health and safety policy is a commitment to planning and managing health and safety at work and is the key to achieving acceptable standards in providing industrial maintenance services.

To make our Health and Safety Policy the best and the most technology-oriented, we invest substantially in researching and developing new safety equipment and safer operational processes in the field. In addition, we always opt for safe working practices and avoid risks to our workers, customers’ employees, end users, and other stakeholders.

SPAR TECH’s consultants represent a general health, safety, and environmental management knowledge base. In addition, each consultant is a qualified specialist in their area of operation, including the following disciplines given below:

  • Operational management along with protection and safety systems.
  • Chemical solution and oil flushing.
  • High pressure water jetting and industrial vacuuming.
  • Safety rules and standards for the transport and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Treatment and removal of asbestos.
  • Safety measures in industrial hygiene and gas measurement.
  • Recommended norms in respiratory and skin protection.
  • Health and safety related information and instruction.