Industrial Smokestack Chimney Inspection & Maintenance

Industrial smokestack chimneys are an essential part of a plant's emission systems that are closely monitored by regulatory agencies. If they find any shortcomings the plant is fined. So to avoid fines or penalties special care should be taken to ensure smokestack chimneys are regularly cleaned and maintained. The reason is that industrial chimneys are subject to regular wear and tear due to various stresses such as chemical attack, temperature flucuations, wind loading, and strong seismic events.

Industrial Smokestack Chimney Inspection

Industrial smokestack chimney inspection includes checking of hairline crevices, breaking, shrinkage cracks, and liner deterioration. These all can affect the performance of industrial chimneys which should be taken care of immediately before the problems turn into expensive repairs. Our industrial smokestack chimney inspection can help to identify the above problems quickly and allow SPARTECH’s experienced experts to come up with a quality solution within the client’s budget.

Inspection of different parts of industrial smokestack chimneys become expensive and time consuming, due to their size and construction, without having the proper knowledge or equipment. SPARTECH’s rope inspection techniques help us to identify, inspect and repair critical hazards ontime by saving clients’ valuable time and money in comparison to using traditional scaffolding approaches.

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