Industrial Vacuuming Services

Spar Tech’s industrial vacuum cleaning services are applied in different commercial working places to remove debris, industrial waste, construction refuse, and remaining matter after manufacturing by using different types and capacities of vacuum cleaners or suckers. Industrial vacuuming services are used to quickly remove or suck sharp-edged swarf (liquids), aggressive coolants, and combustible dust (solids) from the surface of working places in an environment-friendly way across industries.

Why are Industrial Vacuuming Services Needed Regularly?

Industrial vacuum cleaning services have become a necessary process and part of production and manufacturing operations in every plant and industry across segments of different natures. In every industry, harmful waste material or unwanted messes are produced or come out during machine operation or manufacturing process in voluminous quantities.

SPAR TECH uses high-quality and in different capacities branded industrial vacuum cleaners to collect or suck, filter, and then purify the air containing heavy particulate concentration in the work environment for creating a safe and clean workplace for employees in all types of industries. Thus, an industrial unit can not avoid vacuuming services at regular intervals if it wants to maintain a hygienic workplace atmosphere to protect workers’ health.

Types of Industrial Vacuuming

In our industrially revolutionized present era, tons of waste are generated daily by industries in all sectors. And most industries are searching for a quality solution to tackle it without taking direct responsibility, as it is separate from their manufacturing process and requires expertise and extra investment.

Therefore, Spar Tech came into this service sector to help different industries solve their cleaning problems by providing quality and required right industrial vacuuming services. For this, we have designed other modules of continuous, reliable industrial vacuuming solutions to clean dust, solids, and liquids by using different types of industrial vacuum cleaners:

Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaner
  • Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stationary Vacuum Systems
  • Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Vacuum Cleaner
  • Air Powered Vacuum Cleaner
  • One and Three Phase Motor Vacuum Cleaners
  • Continuous Duty Vacuum System

Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleanings

Each industry produces hazardous and other waste substances in quantities that need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy working environment. SPAR TECH provides The different natures of waste products like liquids, dust, and solids that require different types of vacuumings by various capacities of vacuum cleaners. For example:

Liquid Industrial Vacuuming Services

SPAR TECH ’s trained professionals provide reliable industrial vacuuming solutions for large quantities of abrasive liquid, swarf, and lubricants. In addition, we are known for our services in vacuuming small to very large amounts of coarse particles and harsh emulsions from large modern machine systems across industries by using vacuum cleaners of different capacities as per need of the cleaning requirement.

Solid Industrial Vacuuming Services

We are expertized in providing vacuum cleaning solutions using special filter engineering for dust, semi-solid, and solid, diverse nature of substances in the different industries throughout Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. Our industrial vacuuming services by engineering filtration mechanism for solids include hazardous dust, discharged media, sand, fine and coarse swarf, spray agents, different types of fibers, organic substances, food remains, and very light to very heavy particle discharges across various industrial sectors. Our experienced vacuuming professionals analyze the waste substances and identify the vacuum cleaners to be used for solutions.

Explosive Zone Industrial Vacuuming Services

SPAR TECH provides quality and safe industrial vacuuming services in a potentially explosive atmosphere at working places in different industries, including ATEX zone 22. ATEX is the hazard of explosive atmospheres occurring in the workplace across industries due to the presence of flammable gasses or combustible dust particles mixed in the air that have the probability of causing an explosion. We always use certified superclass industrial vacuum cleaners with the most powerful side channel blower in the required ranges for this explosive zone.

Our vacuum-trained executives decide which types of vacuum cleaners with specialized channels and filters are suitable in identified industrial zones for vacuuming services of fine and coarse solids in dust classes - H, M, in different ATEX zones, including 1, 2, …22, etc.

Use and Application of Industrial Vacuuming Services

Traditional and in-house cleaning of the workplace would take hours or days, but it can’t make a safe and healthy environment. So all industrial firms must need the latest technically engineered vacuum cleaning services as per their need provided by certified professional companies like SPAR TECH . Our vacuuming services to manufacturing and other industrial operations create safe, clean, and productive work environments. Our reliable vacuum cleaning services using vacuum cleaners of unique design as per industrial requirements with customized competitive cost are applicable in different industrial sectors like:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Health Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Plastic Manufacturing Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking Sector
  • Aviation Production Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Beverage Industry,
  • Oil and Gas Industry,
  • Petroleum Product Industry,
  • Construction Industry, etc.,

Benefits of Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Services

In today’s machine era of a competitive environment, industrial vacuuming services have become a compulsory and necessary part of manufacturing and production operations all over the world. So industrial vacuum cleaning services are called for because of their efficiency, fast, errorless, and cost-effectiveness. However, the benefits of industrial vacuum cleaning services are beyond the requirement for cleaning and the creation of safe, healthy, productive, and secure workspaces. Thus vacuuming services are helpful for the following reasons:

  • Outsourcing industrial vacuuming services are cost-effective in comparison to in-house vacuuming.
  • Machine-oriented industrial vacuum cleaning is time-saving in comparison to traditional cleaning.
  • Industrial vacuuming services are eco-friendly.
  • Industrial vacuuming is beneficial because of machine cleaners’ cleaning power.
  • Industrial cleaners’ services are health-oriented and used to remove air contaminants from workplaces, including bacteria, allergens, microbes, etc.

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