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Industrial Scaffolding, Coating and Painting Services

SPARTECH provides reliable and quality industrial scaffolding, coating, and painting services for both construction and commercial projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East. We have the largest pool of professional skilled workforce including project managers for industrial scaffolding, coating, and painting services in KSA and MENA. Our highly-trained, certified, and experienced team members are available for your industry’s routine maintenance, turnarounds, outages, and new construction projects. We provide all industrial requirements including trusted products, experienced personnet, and reliable services for scaffolding, coating and painting projects to real estate, oil & gas, refineries, and others.

SPARTECH Scaffolding Services

“Experience the Most Advanced Products, Services, Workforce and Industrial Scaffolding Technology in the Market.”

Any scaffolding service can pose logistical, operational and safety challenges if not executed to the most recommended standards as per different industries needs. Whether the required scaffolding is for new or old projects, turnarounds or routine maintenance in diverse nature of industries, trust SPARTECH, as it always helps you succeed. Because SPARTECH’s industrial scaffolding solutions deliver flexibility, reliability, and full adaptability in any type of extreme conditions.

SPARTECH with its extensive inventory of industrial scaffolding systems along with required products and services strategically located throughout the Kingdom and the Middle East. Our highly skilled teams and field’s manager are equipped to craft dynamic scaffolding solutions and can respond immediately to any client’s needs in any location of the KSA and GCC countries.

SPARTECH’s industrial scaffolding services with its innovative scaffolds meet and exceed the highest industry and OSHA scaffolding standards. We have a track record of safe, successful job completion for different projects across the industries like real estate, refineries, oil & gas, manufacturing plants, from new construction work to historic building renovation.

SPARTECH Advanced Scaffolding Technology

SPARTECH’s scaffolding team of experts are using the latest advanced scaffolding technology either for manufacturing different products, materials, and systems or for scaffolding solutions and services to maximize value for our clients. Utilizing CAD, Navisworks and Avontus Scaffold Designer, Our experts transform smart plan models into innovative custom scaffolding solutions that meet the needs of even the most complex projects in any difficult location.

SPARTECH’s unique 3D scaffolding designs indicate an exact material list for each scaffolding product and solutions required which exclude assumptions and guesswork from the start for any project and its location. This is the most unique feature of SPARTECH that enables our industrial clients to stay on schedule and within budget.


SPARTECH uses the PERI UP flex modular scaffolding system to deliver unrivaled safety, productivity and greatest possible flexibility with a minimum number of components. Our PERI UP scaffolds are ideal for erecting platforms and stair towers for construction work and renovation including assembling reinforcement scaffolding. Our PERI UP scaffolds have advanced safety features that ensure safe and efficient working on the scaffolding platforms. This scaffolding system meets all OSHA scaffolding requirements with the lowest total installed cost.

Features of our industrial scaffolds working platforms are gap-free, slip-resistant and safe at any height for new construction projects or existing industries’ renovation. SPARTECH PERI UP scaffolding is easily configurable around any obstacle, location, and compatible with any type of building, even circular structures.

SPARTECH’s Skilled and Experienced Workforce

SPARTECH’s management and supervisory team for scaffolding services are qualified, professional and highly skilled. Our rigorous and regular safety and training programs to refresh the workforce ensure that all new and existing clients receive undeniably secure and high quality scaffolding services. Because of extensive training, continuing the latest education in scaffolding services, and our commitment to maintain our leadership status in the industry, our professional field workers consistently outperform the competition in the market. They are trained to erect our scaffolding faster, teardown, and reassemble more efficiently as per the needs of our clients.

SPARTECH’s Specialities

We are known for industrial scaffolding services for any type of projects large and small in all industries. A few of our specialties in scaffolding services are:
  • New Construction Site Scaffolding
  • Outage Scaffolding
  • Capital Projects Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding in Confined Space Entry
  • Boiler Outages Scaffolding

Our Scaffolding Services

SPARTECH is the leader of scaffolding services in Saudi Ariab and the Middle East for more than two decades because of the highly qualified, trained, and experienced workforce it has along with quality products and scaffolding latest technology based solutions to any industrial or commercial projects in the market.

SPARTECH provides the latest technology based multi-product innovative approach to the provision of scaffolding to both new and existing plants across the industries in the Kingdom. Whether there is highly specialized industrial work or large commercial construction projects, our team of experienced workforce provides comprehensive scaffolding solutions including design, erection and dismantling services anywhere in the Middle East. Irrespective of the size or difficulty level of the project, our scaffolding services division of SPARTECH carries the required resources and expertise to get the job completed efficiently, safely and on time with cost effective charges in the market. We provides the following scaffolding services:

  • Scaffolding Inspections Services
  • Scaffolding Erection and Dismantling Services
  • Rental Scaffoldings for hire
  • On-Site Support
  • Frame Scaffold
  • Towers and Formwork
  • Mobile Access Scaffolding Towers
  • Cup Lock Scaffolding
  • Tubes and Fittings Type Scaffolding Products and Services
  • Hanging Scaffolding products and services
  • Job Specific Fabrication Services
  • Form and Falsework
  • Scaffolding Design Solutions

Why Choose SPARTECH as Your Industrial Scaffolding Service?

Our clients prefer us among the industries because of our real time updates related to their projects and we use 3D modeling systems for industrial scaffolding services.

Daily Updates of Clients’ Projects

SPARTECH works closely with the client's operational team throughout the process of scaffolding services, from planning, preparation through execution, to ensure the business quickly gets back to operation. To fulfil our commitment to bring efficiency and transparency to every project. We have commissioned the development of a well designed, forward-thinking smartphone service tracking application through Inspect Scaffolding App.

Through our Inspect Scaffolding App, clients can access daily tracking reports of their scaffolding service project in the following manners:

  • You can track your project’s real-time data of service productivity, efficiency, and value.
  • This Inspect Scaffolding App reflects tracking reports about the progress of service as per commitment of time and on budget.
  • Clients as well as our managing team can easily monitor job site safety and security.
  • The App generates daily reports at the touch of a smartphone button.
In addition, we also take follow-up of our services very seriously, because your satisfaction is our success.

SPARTECH Coating & Painting Services

“Minimize Corrosion, Reduce Costs and Protect Your Equipment SPARTECH provides coating and painting services for both industrial and commercial markets’ projects. Our highly-trained and certified team of professional workforce are available for your routine industrial maintenance, turnarounds, outages, capital projects, and new construction sites for quality coating and painting services across the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

For maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety, we use third-party auditing and compliance services to check our coating and painting services quality. We are a qualified vendor having a high quality score in the Coating Safety Assessment Program.

Our coating and painting experienced experts decide the work after a thorough inspection of the client's specific project’s unique needs and recommend the safest, most cost-effective solution for the project.

Painting Finishing Perfection

SPARTECH’s innovative solution to any project of industrial coating and painting services secured its leadership in the competitive market of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. For this perfect finish we use an unusual blasting medium (Corn Cob Grit). This medium is safe for use on delicate equipment of any plant and it provides a smooth, perfect base for our paint.

Our Coating and Painting Services

SPARTECH has the expertise for providing various industrial coating and painting services, including equipment’s surface preparation, coating and painting for all kinds of industrial structures and equipment like tanks, silos and stacks vessels,, piping, piping accessories and many more.

Our coating and painting services facility has all required latest equipment and tools such as Power Generators, Compressors, Fork-lifters or cranes, measuring & inspection tools, and Blasting & Painting machines. Our industrial coating and painting services team includes skilled and experienced painters and blasters, professional supervisors, QC engineers and HSE personnel.

SPARTECH’s trained painters and supervisors, who have comprehensive coatings and painting experience and use cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled quality of coating and painting services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East as given below.
  • Commercial and Industrial Flooring, like epoxy coatings, concrete polishing, wall coatings and more
  • Pipelines & Terminals
  • Thermal Insulating Coatings
  • Thermal Spray Applications
  • Rhino Liner Applications
  • Industrial Tank Linings
  • Automated Surface Preparation
  • Structural Steel Coatings
  • Internal Coatings & Liners
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Coatings
  • Surface Preparation with Specialty Abrasives
  • Intumescent and Cementitious Fireproofing
  • Floor Coatings & Secondary Containment
  • Inspection Blasting
  • Plural Component Applications
  • Hydro-Blasting & Water-Jetting
  • Industrial Facility Maintenance

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