Column and Vessel Maintenance Services

SPAR TECH provides various column and vessel maintenance services across all industrial sectors, including refining, petrochemical, and power. Our certified professionals repair and maintain all types of vessels and columns. We ensure clients that their equipment will be reinstated for safe and efficient use in the shortest possible time for maximum productivity. Let’s know the difference between vessels and columns first.

Difference Between Vessel and Column

A vessel, in general terms, is any container of vertical or horizontal shape that may or may not have internals, while a column is a vertical vessel having tray-type internals for the separation of liquid and vapors.

Pressure vessels may be cylinders or tanks which are used to store fluids under required pressure. And the pressure vessel handles or bare pressures greater or lower than the atmospheric pressure. If a pressure vessel is designed in the form of a column separated by internals to store gas at the upper portion and liquid at the bottom, that pressure vessel is generally called a column. Thus, a column is a vertical standing equipment or vessel that is used to segregate gasses from liquids through trays

Column and Vessel Maintenance Activities

Spar Tech subject matter experts in industrial columns and vessel maintenance are well-trained to operate in confined spaces using breathing apparatus, jetting equipment, and other required machines. Our manpower resources are fully qualified, trained, and experienced in the industrial vessels and columns maintenance activities like:

  • Inspections of vessels to identify problems
  • Column cleaning services
  • Isolation - blind to blind
  • Desludging activities
  • Sludge disposal
  • Internal inspection
  • Internal cleaning
  • Internal modification
  • Hydro jetting & hydro blasting
  • 3D Nozzle cleaning & aqua milling
  • Vessel chemical cleaning
  • Repair and replacement of vessel/column bottom
  • Automatic flushing activities
  • Internal strip lining
  • Repairing of shell and internals by welding
  • Removal and replacement of trays,
  • Complete repair and replacement of packing
  • Complete replacement of internals
  • Bolt torquing & Tensioning activities
  • Flange integrity and management
  • A hazard-free cold/hydro-cutting method

SPAR TECH Maintenance Services to Columns & Vessels Types

We are known for our reliable, long-lasting pressure vessel maintenance services across industries to their
different types of vessels and columns used for different purposes, for example:

1. Columns for
Distillation Process

  • Recovery Column
  • Degasifying Column
  • MSDH column
  • Pre Rectification cum stripper column
  • Extractive distillation column
  • Analyzer Column
  • Rectifier cum Exhaust Column
  • Simmering Column
2. Types of Pressure Vessels Used in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Process Vessels: used for mixing, decantation, mass separation, chemical reaction, etc.
  • Storage Vessels: used for liquids, vapors, and gasses.
  • Heat Exchangers: used for transferring heat between two or more fluids
  • Boilers: used for fuel, nuclear or electrical power as sources of heat
  • Spherical Pressure Vessels: used for high-pressure fluids
  • Cylindrical Pressure Vessels: used as storage tank
3. Types of Columns Used in Oil Refineries

  • Packed refineries distillation columns
  • Tray refineries distillation columns
4. Types of Columns Used in Gas Chromatography

  • Packed columns
  • Capillary columns

Column and Vessel Maintenance Service to Industries

SPAR TECH provides quality and reliable column and vessel maintenance services with the help of its trained experts in the field to various industries such as:

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Petroleum and Refinery Industry
  • Environmental Industry
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Biofuels Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Life Science Industry
  • Flavor and Fragrance Industry
  • Clinical Industry
  • Cosmetic Products Industry
  • Forensics Industry
  • and others

Process & Types of Column and Vessels Maintenance Services

SPAR TECH ’s column and pressure vessel inspection and maintenance services are performed by its well-trained, skilled professionals in all industrial sectors across Saudi Arabia and GCC Middle East countries. We follow all guidelines set by Saudi Government regulatory standards. Our experienced experts use recommended scientific procedures for column and pressure vessel inspection and maintenance. Let’s first discuss our inspection process and then the maintenance procedures below.

Column and Pressure Vessels Inspection

Inspection of column and pressure vessels is a challenging task as these containers are in challenging hazardous industrial environments. Because if any minor weak spot is ignored, it may lead to a dangerous incident. So, we always keep the following factors in mind while inspecting the column and vessels:

  • Inspection is compulsorily performed by our certified professionals to identify the weak spots of any pressure vessel.
  • They inspect as per established industry standards set by national regulations.
  • Targeted vessels and columns are inspected both internally and externally.
  • Our frequency of inspection depends on the potential hazard of the vessel.
  • We follow the different pressure tests in our inspection of industrial vessels and columns, like hydrostatic tests, pneumatic tests, leak tests, mechanical integrity tests, etc.

Types of Column and Pressure Vessels Maintenance Services

Spar Tech is a trusted name in Saudi industries for providing quality services to their pressure vessel and column maintenance. We follow all regulatory norms related to column and vessel maintenance at various intervals mandated by different industry standards. We use the latest equipment and engineering methods in our vessel maintenance services to minimize the risk of pressure vessel failure and improve the safety of workers, users, property, and the environment. Our maintenance service involves the inspection of columns and vessels and the repair or replacement of defective and worn parts. There are three main types of column and vessel maintenance services. These types can be better understood with the points given below:

Periodic Maintenance Service

Periodic column maintenance is generally recommended by the manufacturer by giving a fixed time or duration in which maintenance is compulsorily required and must be performed as per the recommendations.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventive vessel and column maintenance are one of the most important maintenance programs established by the manufacturer of containers. For this service, the manufacturer provides maintenance details to be performed at regular intervals to avoid the risk of a complete breakdown of a vessel or column.

Breakdown Maintenance Service

Breakdown maintenance of column and vessel is performed when the equipment or parts fail to perform safely due to an unforeseen system defect.

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