Turnaround and Maintenance Services

Industrial Turnaround and Maintenance (TAM) is a periodic service in which plants are shut down for required time for inspections, repairs, replacements and other important services. A turnaround and plant maintenance service is a scheduled stoppage of some parts or a plant's day-to-day operations as a whole. It requires the plant's operations to be stopped for cleaning, maintenance, equipment replacement, upgrade resources, or to maintain regulatory specifications of different machines.

Purpose of Turnaround and Maintenance Services

The turnaround maintenance services are basically carried out with the single objective of restoring plant efficiency, reliability and production processes and the result is visible in a short period of time. It is an essential activity in the process industry. The turnaround service plays a significant role in maintaining consistent productive capacity of a plant. It is an important service project of an industry or plant that requires sound planning, 100% execution, required control, error free evaluation or assessment, and finally practical implications.

For example, in the petroleum refining industry, turnaround service means a scheduled large-scale maintenance activity during which an entire process unit of the plant is taken off stream for an extended period for comprehensive revamp and renewal. This turnaround maintenance operation involves a lot of planning, preparations and requires many precautions, especially when restarting the unit. There are various objectives or purposes of turnaround maintenance services like:

  • To make a unit or a plant as a whole safe to operate till the next outage.
  • To improve efficiency of plants by suitable repair or modification.
  • To reduce the cost of routine maintenance.
  • To carry out regulatory inspection at a fixed interval.
  • To increase reliability of working equipment during operation.
  • To re-establish the plant's productive capacity.
  • To compete in the market by introducing modern equipment and technology for reducing production cost.


Phases of Turnaround Maintenance Process

In industrial maintenance services, a turnaround is an event where one or more equipment are temporarily removed from service and others are repaired so that maintenance tasks can be performed. However, specific turnaround maintenance procedures may differ plant to plant or industry to industry, but generally there are five main phases observed. These are listing of work activities, preparation phase, execution phase, startup phase, and evaluation phase.

Benefits of Turnaround Maintenance Services

The turnarounds services of the plant provide an opportunity for any issues with maintenance to be resolved on time and stop any major future incident. During the turnaround and maintenance, different issues may be identified on time and the company can take required action and repair them for the operation to continue smoothly and efficiently. Tanks, pipes, and other equipment or machines may need to be replaced during the turnaround services because of their working conditions. Turnarounds and maintenance are so important as they help a company become aware of potential threats, errors, and accidents, and allow them to correct these issues before they lead to serious disaster.

Planned turnarounds maintenance services are costly, but unplanned shutdowns or outages of operation are even more expensive. As a turnaround service is strategically planned by the company then all the required equipment gets repaired or replaced on time and on budget. But, when a plant gets shut down unexpectedly because of some equipments’ failure or an accident or some type of disaster. It leads to turnaround maintenance beyond the company’s budget and some proper tools or equipment are not available to execute turnaround services efficiently.

Thus the strategically planned turnaround services save the company's thousands compared to having to abruptly shut down the plant’s operation in an unexpected situation.

Once the plant operates after the turnaround maintenance services, it should be at peak performance levels. SPAR TECH Industrial Maintenance Services can provide field and plant maintenance across industries so that you can minimize downtime and maximize profitability.

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