Industrial Cold Cutting and Beveling Services

The SPARTECH cold cutting services provides technology based innovative solutions where conventional and hot cutting methods are not practicable because of technical or safety reasons. Our industrial cold cutting and beveling services are highly versatile with remotely operated linear, circumferential and specialized cutting manipulation for performing a wide range of diverse industrial applications, without compromising the molecular structure of plant’s pipes or equipment’s materials.

SPARTECH offers excellent quality pipe cutting or cold cutting and beveling services. We provide cold cutting service rendered by our skillful trained professionals using optimum quality machines and high-end latest technology. SPARTECH has a team of trained and experienced professionals, capable of providing industrial pipe cold cutting service through excellent methods that is much-admired by our respectable clients for its perfect execution.

Why Cold Cutting Service to Some Industries

SPARTECH provides quality cold cutting service as per the client needs. Industrial cold cutting technique is used to cut and bevel the pipe without any spark, flame or excessive heat generation. The industrial cold cutting procedure makes it safest for any oil pipelines or flammable gas and it is the most cost-effective method for abandonment, additions and replacement of pipework. There are the various benefits of industrial cold cutting services used in some specific plants’ pipeline system, such as:

  • Cold cutting is safe in petrochemical and gas industries.
  • It generates no spark or flame during the pipe cutting procedure.
  • There is no airborne contamination.
  • It is an explosion free procedure.
  • It is cost effective and efficient.
  • It is applicable to any exotic metals including cement lined pipes.
  • It is ideal for field pipeline and buried pipeline maintenance.

SPARTECH Cold Cutting and Beveling Machines

Before coming to the SparTech cold cutting machine let’s know first “what is industrial cold cutting”? Industrial cold cutting is a procedure utilized to cut through a material without using a flame or heat, and without producing sparks. This is the reason which makes this process the safest method for cutting structures in hazardous and explosion prone environments. That is why cold cutting service is particularly applied in some specific industries where explosive and inflamable material is supplied from one place to another through a pipe system like oil & gas, materials processing plants, and petrochemicals industries.

Types of SPARTECH Industrial Cold Cutting Machines

There are 3 main types of industrial cold cutting machines used in different industrial pipes cutting and maintenance services. These manchines for cold cutting are:

1. Clamshell Cutters Machine
2. Cold Cutting Saws Machine
3. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Machines
These industrial pipe cold cutting machines are also known by different other names. Most of them are commonly clamshell cutters, clamshell lathe, split frame cutters, and their other combinations.

SPARTECH’s industrial pipe cold cutting machines are circular in shape which wrap around the pipe together by a hinge. Our pipe cold cutting machine can cut and bevel pipes with diameters between 1″ and 48″ and evem more. Our different types of cold cutting machines include low profile, mid-size, and heavy-duty. We use all sizes of cold cutting machines to suit all standard pipe diameters, ranging from 1″ to as large as 177” diameter. The SPARTECH’s cold cutting and beveling services using machines are usually powered either from a pneumatic source or a hydraulic pump.

Industrial cold cutting and beveling machines function by rotating a cutting tool around the circumference of the pipe. The cutting machines’ position is set to make either a straight or beveled cut in preparation for welding.

1. Clamshell Cutters (Pipe Cold Cutting Machine)

Clamshell Cutters, also known as split-frame cutters, machines are highly portable and ideally suited for machining applications within decommissioning, new construction, fabrication, component replacement, and refurbishment industries. We use narrow body, mid-size and heavy-duty clamshell cutters for cold cutting services as per the need of the clients and demand of the industrial maintenance.

2. Cold Cutting Saws Machines

The cold cutting saws are of two types, band saws and diamond wire saws. These both saws used in the oil and gas industries cold cutting applications. Here both saws are preferred to be used for decommissioning projects where precision is less important. Our trained professionals use a large heavy-duty portable band saw with coolant to cut through cylindrical structures on oil platforms. However, without a coolant, there might be sparks created.

SPARTECH trained technicians use diamond wire saws under subsea for cutting through piles, pipelines, and caissons. Here, instead of a blade, a diamond wire saw uses a beaded rope coated with small diamonds on the outside surface. The diamond wire saw ropes’ circular cross-section makes them less vulnerable to the problems of compression and jamming occasionally encountered with metal blades. But in the case of the band saw which is used topside above the water’s surface where coolant is required because it is not a true cold cutting procedure.

Both portable band saws and diamond wire saws cold cutting machines are powered by hydraulics. Our diamond wire saws can be attached to a subsea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to keep and maneuver into the right position.

3. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Machines

Pure waterjet cold cutting machines commonly use a very focused and pressurized stream of water to make precise cuts on the target. While abrasive water jet cutting mixes an abrasive material like garnet to the water stream, which enables it to cut through thicker or harder materials of industrial equipment.

SPARTECH’s abrasive waterjet cutting device is portable, adjustable, and easy to use. It can be used with clients’ existing high pressure pump units and equipment, and ideal for offshore and industrial cold cutting services and other applications.

Our abrasive cold-cutting machines are speed flexible to accommodate cuts of different material thicknesses. The machine’s positioning track is made of adjustable stainless steel and clamps onto flat surfaces having large diameters with magnets or vacuum cups. The water jet machine’s track can be coupled for cutting longer work pieces.

Abrasive Water Jet Machines Cut Metals & Non-metals

SPARTECH’s Water Jet Machine utilizes cold supersonic abrasive erosion to cut almost any materials, including metals and nonmetals. It generally cuts all types of metals, including hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, and other exotic metals that can not be cut easily with other tools or processes. In this cold cutting process the highly pressurized water stream with abrasive garnet is forced through a minute area to erode away the material.

Abrasive Particles Used in Waterjet Machine

The most popular abrasive particle choices to use in waterjet cold cutting services are sand, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and garnet. The garnet abrasive is the most common abrasive particle utilized in the waterjet cutting process because of its physical properties.

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